Carlow Branch Meeting

Carlow Branch Meeting


To all Carlow RMATUI members and retired colleagues


You are cordially invited to attend the RMA Carlow Branch meeting on

Tuesday February 21st. at 11.00 for 11-30 am in the Woodford Dolmen Hotel, Carlow


  1. Minutes of last meeting
  2. Correspondence and Reports if any
  3. Pension Restoration arrears

Speaker Tim O Meara Treasurer TUIRMA Management Committee

  1. Plans for the future. Meetings, Activities, Events etc. are most welcome from attendees.
  2. AOB
  • As we do not have all the email contact address of all of our retired colleagues in Carlow and as we will be communicating by e mail to everyone please encourage all to provide e mail details to the secretary at
  • Please also pass on the information about this meeting to any colleague with whom you are in contact whether RMA members or not. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Mick Daly: Secretary

Larry Kavanagh Chairperson

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