Dublin Branch AGM

Dublin Branch AGM


Dublin Branch RMA-TUI

AGM 2023

The Teachers’ Club, 36 Parnell Square

Friday 10th  November


AGM Agenda: (Starting 11:00am. sharp)

1.         Open meeting

2.         Chairperson’s welcome address

3.         Condolences

4.         Minutes of November 2022 AGM

5.         Joint Secretary’s General Report & Matters Arising

6.         Joint Secretary’s Annual Accounts Report & Matters Arising

7.         Address by Tim O’Meara, RMA National Treasurer and RMA Alliance (ARPS) Representative

Tim is a former TUI President and spent many years serving on the TUI national executive. He brings this experience to the work of the NMC officer board and is very well versed on issues, past and current, pertaining to retired members.

His address will cover a range of issues i.e.  Current pay agreement and impact on pensions / Late payment of pensions and present situation / RMA current issues / Alliance, why it was set up and current priorities.

Generous time will be allocated to Q and A.

8.         Committee motion: That this Branch establishes a Treasurer and Membership Officer role

9.         Other motions

10.     Election of branch officers: Chairperson, Treasurer and Membership Officer, Joint Secretaries, and Equality Officer

11.     Election of Branch Committee Members

12.     Branch Aims for 2024

13.    AOB

Teachers’ Club – 36 Parnell Square - Dublin

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