Dublin Branch - Two Guest Speakers

Dublin Branch - Two Guest Speakers




Teachers’ Club – 36 Parnell Square - Dublin

Wednesday 28th February 2024 - 11.00am.

Miniature Masterpieces

A century of Irish stamps and a window on the Irish soul.

By Stephen Ferguson

Short Tea/Coffee Break

Sam Maguire - The Man and the Cup

By Kieran Connolly


If you expect to attend, please book by email or text to Eamonn (086 8703323) asap, there is no problem with last minute cancellations. For all meetings or outings knowing how many to expect helps with the organising.

Stephen Ferguson has worked in many areas of the Post Office since he joined the old Department of Posts & Telegraphs and is now Company Archivist & Museum Curator at An Post. His talk will explore the ways in which Irish stamps have represented our identity and culture over the century since independence, showing how the nature of “Irishness” has changed and developed over the years. Viewed as miniature works of art, postage stamps play a cultural role that goes far beyond their primary purpose as receipts for postal charges. Their future, in a world where communications technologies have changed profoundly in the last generation is open to question but their place as icons of print and design as well as silent national ambassadors is strong.

Kieran Connolly, in common with Sam Maguire, is a native of Dunmanway. He has extensively researched Sam Maguire’s life. He worked in the UK Post Office. During the war of independence (1919-1921) he was the main agent of Michael Collins in London. His activities included smuggling weapons to Ireland, intercepting military mail, setting up a bomb factory and arson attacks. He was also very prominent in the GAA  in London. The talk will explore how a member of the Church of Ireland became a leader of both the IRA and the GAA and why it was felt appropriate to name a cup in his honour. Everyone knows about “Sam” but very few know about Sam Maguire.

Br. Chair              Kevin O’Farrell

Br. Acting Sec.    Eamonn Kerrigan

Teachers’ Club – 36 Parnell Square - Dublin

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