Transition of Pension Payments from Department of Finance to Payroll Shared Service Centre

If you have successfully accessed your details but now cannot it is likely your password has expired. Passwords must be reset every 90 days and you must use a different password each time it is reset.  To gain access contact the PMG directly at;

Phone: 076 100 2702 OR email:

Email is the best option. Include your Personnel No. and your address and you should get a response within the hour.

Use this link to access webpage to reset and change password by following directions on email received. 

With effect from 6 November 2015, the responsibility for processing pension payments moved from the Paymaster General (PMG) in the Department of Finance to the Payroll Shared Service Centre, under the aegis of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. The same staff will continue to process your pension. There will be no change in how you currently receive your pension.

To continue to access your payslip information online please follow steps below:

1. Click URL below


2. You will be presented with this page,


Your username will be your 7 Digit Personnel Number. (You can locate your Personnel Number on the top left corner of your payslip).

Your default password is 11111. Click ‘sign in’.

You will be prompted to change your password to something more memorable to yourself.

Your most recent payslip will appear once you login as shown below.


3. Click blue box labelled ‘Full Payslip’. You will be presented with a detailed payslip similar to below.


4. By right- clicking anywhere on page a drop down menu appears. Select ‘print’ to print your payslip.


 If you have successfully accessed your details but at some time in the future are unable to do so please contact the PMG directly at;

Phone: 076 100 2702

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