The annual RMA membership subscription of €25 becomes due on Sept 1st, 2020. The TUIRMA is a voluntary association and members are urged to use the Deduction at Source or Standing Order option if possible in order to reduce the burden and costs of administration. Details of all payment options detailed below.
Download the relevant form by clicking on the link below:

Membership Renewal Form for members who retired from ETB (VEC) schools or Institutes of Technology

Membership Renewal Form for members who retired from C&C schools

Methods of  Annual Subscription Payment

The preferred method of payment from members who retired from the ETB/ETB & IT sectors is by:

  • Deduction at Source. To avail of this method please complete the PSSC Deduction Authorisation Form and send it to the RMA treasurer, Tim O’Meara, Ballynaveen, Emly, Co Tipperary, before the end of Sept 2020.
  • The deduction at source option is not available to members who retired from the C&C sector. The Dept. of Education & Skills do not provide the facility.

The preferred method of payment from members who retired from the C&C sector is by:

  • Bank Standing Order. To avail of this method please complete a Bank Standing Order Mandate form and send it to your bank.

Other methods of paying the annual subscription are:

  • Electronic transfer. It is important to include your name and membership number as the reference to appear in TUIRMA account statement.

    TUIRMA Bank Account Details

    Account Name: TUI Retired Members’ Association 

    IBAN: IE54IPBS99060180049890         BIC: IPBSIE2D

    Bank: Permanent TSB, 12-13 Lower O’Connell Street, Dublin 1

  • Cheque made payable to TUIRMA and sent to RMA Treasurer. Tim O’Meara, Ballynaveen, Emly Co Tipperary.

The Retired Members’ Association work closely with the TUI Executive and other organisations, representing retired public servants, to fight for full pension restoration, the retention of the pay/pension link and improved services for members. Together, we have been successful in having most of the public service pension cuts restored.

However, the link between pay and pension is only guaranteed until the end of 2020. Any change to this link will impact negatively on the future value of public service pensions. To effectively defend and promote the interests of members we need as many retired colleagues in our membership as possible.

It is now TUI policy that membership of the RMA is a mandatory requirement to be eligible for nomination as a TUI representative on all outside organisations/committees. Membership of the RMA is, also, required to have access to the TUI endorsed car, home and travel insurance schemes operated through Cornmarket Financial Services Ltd. Cornmarket have introduced an annual travel insurance package, for TUI & RMA members, that provide cover up to 85 years of age.

Your continuing membership will give a strong voice to our Association to advocate on your behalf. Membership only costs €25 per annum.

Due to the COVID19 restrictions local and national meeting may not take place for some time. However, you can keep update on current issues as well as information on national and local RMA Branch events by continuing to visit our website,


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