Lobbying guidelines for members

In August, the Management Committee considered the Government’s ‘Deal’ for pensioned public servants.  We also considered what emphasis might prove most useful in the event of Branch representatives of the RMATUI undertaking lobbying of TDs and/or Government Ministers in the run-up to the Budget and the forthcoming general Election.

With regard to the lobbying we recommend as follows:

  1. Keep things simple
  2. Don’t get into how much money is involved
  3. Refer to discriminatory treatment of pensioners compared to workers – pay is being restored to workers earning up to €105,000, whereas pensions above €34132 are not being fully restored.
  4. Stress that our pensions are contributory
  5. Stress that our pensions are a property right
  6. Refer to the numerical strength of the Alliance – 120,000 members of affiliated organisations
  7. Avoid dealing with the local media – go in groups to politicians clinics