As I write this we are preparing to travel to Carlingford for our autumn break.  There are over sixty members booked for this trip.  During our stay we intend to travel to Belfast and visit the Titanic Centre and also to visit the Outlet in Banbridge.  In the next edition of TUI News I will give you a report on our trip and some photos.

Well you have all read the details of the Budget and lamented over how little we received.  We mentioned before the two anomalies that pertain to Public Service Pensioners, one relating to the unfair application of the USC and the other to the Medical Card and the financial threshold.  We thought that something might be done for us in this regard however it was not.  What we did receive was the raising of the band regards the USC and the reduction of the rates.

The real work begins now in negotiating the restoration of our pension.  We have been promised the beginning of this process next year with an increase for the lowest paid in 2016.  We need to remain united and strong in this fight because there are many that are reigned against us, you will have read recently the articles suggesting that the Public Service Pension is unsustainable going forward, which means that there are many who believe that our reductions in Pension should be permanent.

The RMA continues to grow and develop, there are now thirteen Branches with Branches being formed recently in Galway and Offaly. Next month Branches are expected to be formed in Kilkenny and Louth.  Many Branches are organising outings and events on their own and also organising Christmas lunches for their members, we encourage all these developments as they are conducive to a proper growth in the Branches and offer a greater service to our members.  Up-coming Branch meetings to take place:  10th November Dundalk, 12th November Mayo and Kilkenny, 14th November Meath, 27th November Cork and 28th November Dublin.

The Alliance is also continuing to grow with several new groups joining.  We expect to meet with the Minister and his Officials shortly.  Our next stage will be to lobby all TD’s, Senators and other Public Representatives.  I recently attended a meeting of all the Chairmen and Secretaries of the Retired Teachers Association of Ireland (Retired INTO) there were over eighty present from all over the country, the purpose of the meeting was to update them on the Alliance and to prepare them for the lobby campaign, they like the farmers are very good at lobbying.  The Alliance held its first regional meeting recently in Limerick, it was organised by the Shannon Development retired members and over one hundred attended, members came from all the representative bodies in the Alliance.  This meeting was the first of many and was a very positive experience with the members ready to engage in the lobby process.

Don’t forget to organise and attend an RMA Christmas function and keep in touch with the website.


Christy Conville.

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