Postponement of Spring Break 2020 in The Rose Hotel, Tralee due to Covid-19

Taking into consideration the advice given by Government, we have negotiated with the Rose Hotel in Tralee to postpone this year’s Spring Break until next Spring 2021 – March 23rd, 24th and 25th. 

The Covid-19 relevant advice was and is: 

  1.  for elderly persons to avoid ‘social gatherings’ where possible
  2.  for tourist venues – museums, galleries/other attractions to close.

It would therefore have been pointless to assemble 50 to 60 people for three days in a hotel, or to expect them to spend hours on a bus tour in close proximity together – travelling to attractions which are closed.

We are not in a position to cancel on behalf of the participants as they booked directly with the hotel. The Hotel is getting in contact directly with those who have booked to establish whether this arrangement suits them or to allow them to cancel. 

It was not possible to give this conformation any sooner as the situation had not become clear until Thursday last - March 12th.

Risteard O Craoibhin: Social/Cultural Officer

Martin Hoye: RMATUI Chairperson

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