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Budget 2023 Fact Sheet

Main social welfare changes and rates of payments

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Circular Letter 0064/2022

Revision of Teacher Salaries under
Building Momentum - A New Public Service Agreement 2021-2022 (“The Agreement”)
Application of pay adjustments due on 2 February 2022 and 1 October 2022

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Circular Letter 0068/2022

Revision of salaries of certain grades other than Teachers and SNAs employed by ETBs under Building Momentum - A New Public Service Agreement 2021-2022 (“The Agreement)
Application of pay adjustments due on 2 February 2022 and 1 October 2022

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ETB Pension Arrears

At our recent Management Committee Meeting much time was devoted to the ongoing issue of our ETB Pension arrears.

The following has been brought to the attention of the TUI Executive, with a view to getting its support.

Pension Arrears to former ETB retirees.

Arrears of Allowances due to have been paid by 01/10/2020 have not as yet been paid to many affected (post 28/02/2012) ETB retirees.  Likewise, ETB retirees are still awaiting the 1% due from 01/10/2021 under ‘Building Momentum’.  No indication has been given as to when that 1% will be paid.

RMATUI requests that TUI mandate the staff representatives on ETBs to :

 a) seek to have ‘Retirees Pension Arrears’ placed on the Agenda of their next ETB meeting, and

b) ask that a written statement be supplied to them, or to the TUI General Secretary, by the ETB, outlining whether the necessary calculations of pension adjustments have been made and whether this data has been forwarded to the NSSO.

It should be noted that these arrears are already devalued by 10% due to inflation, and that they affect not just retirees, but the spouses of our deceased colleagues.  

DoE says arrears of Allowances due on 01/10/2020 have been paid to over 7000 retirees and remain to be paid to another 1725.  However, these numbers may include employees apart from the ETB retirees.  It appears that eventually all payments to ETB staff and pensioners will be taken over by another body, the ESBS  - Education Shared Business Service - . This is unlikely to be up and running before mid- 2023.


 Martin Hoye: RMATUI Chairperson, 087 9190970

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August 2022 RMA News

A New Public Service Agreement


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Update on Industrial Relations Amendments Bill

July 4th 2021

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