RMA Membership is free for the first year and only €25 per year thereafter.

Your RMA membership will assist and support the activities of the Association which include:

  • working with other groups that advocate on behalf of retired workers including the Alliance of Retired Public Servants (ARPS) and the Retired Workers Committee of ICTU
  • protecting our pensions and social welfare entitlements
  • providing information and advice to members directly and via this website
  • working with the TUI on matters that impact RMA members
  • making sure that though we are no longer in the workforce, our voices are still heard and our opinions still count.
  • allowing you to avail of low cost travel insurance only available to trade union members in the civil service
  • providing social activities at local branches and twice yearly at different hotel locations nationally

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Remember first year membership is free


The annual RMA membership subscription of €25 becomes due on Sept 1st, 2020. For further details on how to proceed ......   ......please click here.

If you pay the €25 annual membership fee by deduction at source or by bank standing order your membership is renewed automatically and you have to do nothing. 

To All RMATUI members

Please note that the RMATUI AGM scheduled for May 13th in the Ardilaun Hotel, Galway, is postponed, but may be rescheduled for later in the year – possibly in conjunction with the Autumn Break in Ennis.

The Officers have taken the decision to cancel/postpone because of the COVID -19 crisis, which has closed most hotels and restricted the size of gatherings to a max of 4.

As soon as the situation becomes clearer, the Officers will decide on dates for future meetings, including the AGM. Motions submitted and circulated to members should not be discarded.  Amendments may be made when a date for a rescheduled AGM is determined.

Dan Keane: RMATUI Secretary

Martin Hoye: RMATUI Chairperson


To get advice and keep you and yours safe 

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"My daughter, mother to two wonderful grandchildren, is a critical care nurse and will shortly be working everyday with Covid-19 patients. I’m out of my mind with worry and pray that she will get through this and come back to us safely"RMA member.

I’m sure there are many RMA colleagues out there who find themselves in the same position. That nurse and many other healthcare workers, our civil service colleagues, will be putting their lives at risk in this fight and we need everyone to do their part in helping them defeat this insidious virus. We are living in catastrophic times.

You, the adults in the family, can help by being proactive:

1.    Strictly adhering to the HSE & Dept. of Health Guidelines

2.    Ensure your family, extended family and friends strictly adhere to HSE & Dept of Health Guidelines

3.    Show disapproval when others are ignoring the guidelines

4.    Stop panic shopping, hoarding food and  leaving shelves empty for front-line staff

Message from the Teachers’ Union of Ireland.

To All RMA Members 

Reminder- Members in need of assistance arising from the Covid-19 pandemic

If any member becomes aware of a colleague who could do with help in getting messages/medicines/ food etc during this period, Head Office have organised a network of helpers who might be of assistance.

Contact should be made directly with TUI regarding this – tui@tui.ie or 01 4922588.

Eir to charge users of @eircom.net email service €5.99 per month from 31st of March.

According to Eir they are doing this ‘in order to provide users with a better service’. If you decide not to pay, Eir will hold your emails and email address for a further 60 days – to end of May. After that you will not be able to access your email because Eir will then permanently delete all your emails, contacts and your email address.

If you are opting not to pay then you need to set up a new email address. The best option is Gmail or Microsoft....... for advice on how to do this click to find out more.

 If you get a new email please pass on these new email contact details to your local branch secretary and  

Michael McNulty, Membership Officer, (macballinree@hotmail.com 

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Consumers are being advised that travel plans disrupted by the spread of the COVID-19 virus may not result in compensation. The European Consumer Centre in Dublin says that as the travel disruption caused by the virus is considered "extraordinary circumstances" it is beyond the control of airlines and therefore compensation would not normally apply. If the package holiday or flight is cancelled you may be entitled to compensation.

If Dept. of Foreign Affairs advises against travel and you are signed up to the Cornmarket Travel Insurance (as detailed here) then you are not entitled to compensation. To be covered you must have 'disruptive insurance' added to your normal travel insurance policy. It is not possible to add 'disruptive insurance' to the Cornmarket Policy. To avail of this additional option you will have to take out a new travel policy, single trip recommended + added disruption option, with one of the companies below at a cost of c. €90. Disruptive insurance will not apply if the policy is taken out after Dept. of Foreign Affairs advises against travel. Also no compensation if there is a COVID-19 virus outbreak where you are travelling to but Dept. of Foreign Affairs have not advised against travel to that location.

       Multitrip Insurance           or             Blue Insurance 

1.  Circular 2/18 (DFE100-002-2017)

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2.  Alliance Report Presented at RMA AGM 2019

The 2018 Biennial General Meeting of the Alliance of Retired Public Servants took place in the FORSA offices on September 20th 2018.   This meeting was due to take place in May, but was deferred because ........Read More

1. Spring Break 2019 Slideshow.....View it here.

2. Pension Restoration Details September 2019.....Read details here.

3 Recent changes to accessing your PSSC payslip updated..........Check it out here

4. Low Cost Travel Insurance ........Details and how to apply.

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