RMATUI fully supports striking colleagues

TUI members to take strike action on Tuesday, 4th February over failure to eliminate pay discrimination

The Retired Members Association of the Teachers’ Union of Ireland fully supports the TUI members taking action on February 4th 2020.  Equal pay for equal work has been enshrined in labour legislation for decades, and perhaps taken for granted by workers of our generation – now retired.  The action of the Government in 2010 in targeting public Servants, including teachers, to pay for collapsing banks and the excesses of others was, and is unforgiveable.  FEMPI contravened the European Charter of Human Rights, as it made no provision for any compensation for cutting pay and pensions.

Young teachers today face a multitude of challenges in their work.  And because of Ministerial inaction, they must face those challenges while earning less than their more senior colleagues – and they must pay more for their pension.

I urge all RMATUI members to all they can to support the members on strike on February 4th.  The least we can do is join them in solidarity on the day.

Martin Hoye,

RMATUI Chairperson, on behalf of the Management Committee of RMATUI

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