Dublin Branch Retired Members Association Teachers’ Union of Ireland

AGM 2018 & Guest Speaker

The AGM of the Dublin Branch RMATUI will take place on Friday 23rd November, in

The Teachers’ Club, 36 Parnell Square


Guest Speaker:

Starting at 10:45am a little relaxing diversion before the AGM business with a talk by Cathy Scuffil, Historian in Residence with Dublin City Council.

Dublin’s history can be told in the names of places and street names all around us. Some local placenames describe the earlier landscape that greeted the first settlers to an area, others may refer to the actions of saints, settlers or invaders of an area. Cathy’s talk, The Secrets in Dublin Placenames,  will bring us on a journey through time and places unlocking the secrets along the way and may challenge many of us to consider our own sense of place.

Tea & Sandwiches

AGM Proposed Agenda: (Starting 12:15pm)

  1. Chairperson’s Address
  2. Minutes of Nov. 2017 AGM & matters arising
  3. Secretary’s Report & matters arising
  4. Treasurer’s Report & matters arising
  5. Election of Officers and Committee (Chair-Secretary-Treasurer-Equality Officer)
  6. National Management Committee Report
  7. Pensions –  The Present Position
  8. Branch Priorities & Social Activities for 2019
  9. Motions concerning branch policy
  10. AOB

Eamonn Kerrigan, Secretary Dublin Branch.





Branch Officers

Chairperson: Paddy Healy

Secretary:  Eamonn Kerrigan (eamonnkerrigan@gmail.com)

Treasurer: Brid Canavan

Area Representatives:  Eamonn Kerrigan, Joe Farrington,  Paddy Healy