Dublin Branch

The next Dublin Branch RMATUI

meeting scheduled to take place on Friday 27th of March 2020




The National Archives

Bishop Street, Dublin 8

11:00am – 12:30pm (app)

The National Archives is the official archives of central government in Ireland and preserves the records of the Irish State. Our vision is to ensure the future of the public record and its availability as an information resource and to safeguard citizens’ rights. We collect, manage and preserve the public record of Ireland, contribute to the cultural life and memory of Irish society and provide free access to archives.

A group visit to the National Archives will provide a behind the scenes insight into our vital work of preserving our documentary heritage, how archives are stored and the services we offer to the public, the visit will be conducted by a senior Archivist. An opportunity to visit a treasure chest of History, not to be missed. 


Booking is necessary, email reply to Eamonn, as the group size is limited to 20 and we are required to advise how many will be attending.

Initially  places will be reserved for RMATUI Dublin branch members, if there is spare capacity we will advise those booked of the situation.

Health risk assessment - the planned visit may very well be cancelled depending on the seriousness of the Coronavirus situation, there is no risk in just booking.  

Eamonn Kerrigan

Branch Secretary

Branch Officers

Chairperson: Paddy Healy

Secretary:  Eamonn Kerrigan (eamonnkerrigan@gmail.com)

Treasurer: Brid Canavan

Area Representatives:  Eamonn Kerrigan, Joe Farrington,  Paddy Healy

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