Tax relief for medical expenses


Form MED 1 medical expenses (Revenue Commissioners)

1. Down load Med 1 form from the website and print off
2. You can go back FOUR years with applications for each of the four years.
3. Put together all the doctor receipts, prescription receipts, any
physiotherapy receipts, receipts from hospital expenses not covered by
(private) medical insurance; any clinical receipts of medical expenses
for each/past year.
4. Get a P60 from your pension provider i.e. PMG Pensions and from any
employer such as schools for whom you did any paid work in a calendar
year. These come in February of the year after, i.e next February 2015 for the
year 2014.
5 Once you have your P60s got, fill out the MED 1 form and KEEP your
receipts for possible inspection later.

p.s. I have never been asked for receipts to date.

Finbarr O’Connor Meath RMA branch