Book Train Seat with Travel Pass

Steps to be followed by the holder of a travel pass to reserve a train seat.

Courtesy Frank Larkin (Mayo branch)

  1.  Enter Irish Rail web site
  2.  Pick your journey.
  3. Click on go.
  4. Pick a time.
  5. In the ‘Your Ticket Details’ section click on drop down arrow beside the word ‘adult’.
  6. Now click on the word ‘select’.  The total fare will now show €0.00.
  7. Click on ‘Reserve Seat’.
  8. Pick as desired. (Numbers etc.)
  9. Click on ‘Buy Ticket’.
  10. In the next box – message from web page - click ‘ok’.
  11. Enter names and pick seats.
  12. Enter your email address and password. You will need to set up a pass word the first time you do this.
  13. Click on Login.
  14. Enter Banking details.

The cost of reservation is €3.00. per person per seat per journey plus €2.00 or €3.00 for use of card.

Two people on a return journey to Dublin 4 @ €3.00 = €12.00 plus €2.00 €3.00.

Total €14.00 or €15.00.

You will still need to get a train ticket at the station in the normal way.

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