RMATUI Travel/Holiday Policy

1. As a group we give information only not advice.
2. Travel outside this country should be covered by insurance.
3. Where a member has Health Insurance with a company it is considered best practice to place Travel Insurance with the same company so that in the event of having a claim there should be no dispute as to who should cover the cost.
4. Members should carry a current E111 card.
5. It is considered best practice to travel in groups of three minimum. If a member has a problem, then mutual support will be available.
6. Members are requested to indicate destination, possible departure date, name, email address and phone numbers to Paddy Byrne at gretapaddy@gmail.com or 01 2985111 or 0876781242.
7. RMA will not handle money or be in anyway responsible for the holiday.
8. Proposed Holidays will be advertised on our website www.rmatui.ie with a contact number and name of representative for advice and/or additional information to book and pay.
9. Retired members of ASTI may join our groups and we theirs.
10. If you decide to travel, book and pay immediately as offers can vary and are limited.
11. We deal with bonded Travel Agents only.
12. A group supporter will be appointed to help tourists.